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Company News
Call us toll free at 1-800-495-3892 or Locally at (252)247-3826
May 2005 - Visions Concierge is new Fairfield Resort affiliate.  You no longer have to
be a time share owner to enjoy of the benefits and amenities that a time share resort
properties have to offer.

Visions Concierge can accommodate you with nightly or weekly stays at Peppertree
Resort in Atlantic Beach, Governor's Green, Kingsgate and Patriots Place in
Williamsburg Virginia.
April  2005 - Visions Concierge, President & Co-Founder has just been
ordained..."People wanting to get married on the beach in our area do not belong to
one of our local churches and there stay is normally just a week or a few days...We
give brides a chance to make there wedding dreams come and on the
beach". We can preform all types of weddings from simple to simple elegance and
for non-denominations, religious, themed, or spiritual", says Melby
March  2005 - Visions Concierge becomes authorized dealer for Carlson Craft
Wedding Invitations, announcements, thank you cards and more...Whatever your
stationary needs from business to social.  Trust a name you know....Carlson Craft.
February  2005 - Whether you are planning a wedding, family reunion, convention or
group vacation, chances are the idea of hosting your event on a cruise ship has
crossed your mind but the thought of the high cost has stopped that idea dead in its
tracks. “Start thinking about it again,” says Donnie Melby, Vice-President of Visions
Concierge and Event Planning. Melby has just been certified as an independent travel
agent with Global Travel International.
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