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are our future...
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Visions Concierge was formed in August of 2004 with that concept in mind.
Initially the plan was to offer a concierge services  to the
corporate world, However,
after several calls from individuals that had known Renee though her career in the
hospitality industry, she and Donnie came to the conclusion that people in general
needed assistance from time to time.
Personal Assistance like finding the best deals on
accommodations or planning a wedding or event at the beach when they live in the

Visions is a
full-service concierge and event planning company that establishes
relationships with clients.
Have you ever said..."I wish I could blink
my eyes or twinkle my nose and all this was
Travel Agent
About Us
"Establishing relationships with our clients allows us to work together to meet
their needs and  reach their goals"                                                                                                           
                                                                                -Donnie Melby, Vice-President & Co-Founder

"We know that people get overwhelmed from time to time...Planning, researching travel
arrangements for business and personal needs...  We help sort out the details...We give our
clients back their time so they can focus on what they need to...
                                                                                 - Renee Melby, President & Co-Founder
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