Pictures of my wonderful husband, me
and our Wedding Photo's
Dear Bride & Groom:  

First, let me congratulate you both on your engagement!

I am guessing that you do not belong to a church in our area, therefore you are in search of
someone to perform your marriage ceremony.  

Many couples face difficulties either because they are divorced or of different faiths and for
many, the solution is a civil ceremony at the justice of the peace, which is neither personal
nor special.

In your search you will run across many wedding minister web sites and a sea of
information that can be truly confusing therefore, I chose to write this letter to tell you a
little bit about me to help you decide what is right for you.

Let's start your marriage by being honest.  I am not a "preacher" (unless you ask my
son) I am not a counselor, but I will give my "two cents" every now and then.
I am a legally ordained minister.  I actually hold the title of “Reverend” however, “I believe
that each person should have their own personal "relationship" with their higher power, not a
religion that was chosen for them by their parents when they were children and there is a
difference between your relationship and your religion...  Religion is a denomination
(Baptist, Methodist etc.) To me, It is a segregation, and I believe that we are segregated here
on earth enough, “Afro-American”, “Jews”…”Blacks”, “Whites”, we are even segregated by
terms based on where we are from…Face it… were either living breathing people…or were
dead…. You and only you know what is in your heart and you and only you will have to
answer for yourself when it's your time to cross that bridge.  It is not my right to judge you
or your personal choice.  No earthly person has this right.  If you run across someone that
acts as if they do…and they claim that they are Christian…ask him or her to walk on water
for you.

I believe that Marriage should be a very special place; it should be, a sheltered environment, a
new life in which the two of you, if perfectly matched, will be able to find comfort.  You and
only you will know if you have found your perfect match.  I will not try to convert you or
any of your guest to my beliefs.  It doesn't matter where you came from in life, what matters
now is where you are going....and that you are traveling your paths together.

Please call 800-495-3892 or email me at, if you would like more
information or to check my open dates.
Best Wishes,                                                            
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