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Do you ever feel there just is not enough hours in each day?
We are your "Personal Assistant" On Call -

Visions Concierge provides you with your own personal assistant
who will take care of all the things that you would rather not do.
We give you back your valuable time so that you can enjoy
your life to the fullest. We help to reduce the stress
in your life by doing those things you are either to busy to do or
that you don’t want to do. We can do your shopping, organise your
dry-cleaning, drop back videos, research and book your vacations,
organise your dinner parties and just about anything else that you
need us to do.
Call us toll free at 1-800-495-3892 or Locally at (252)247-3826
Personal Assistance
Examples of Errand Services:

* Provide Internet Shopping & Information Research Services
* Picking up and delivering dry cleaning and your
grocery list.
(Just fill it out and email it or fax it to Visions with instructions on delivery)
* Making Restaurant, Spa and Reservations such as
* Arranging Delivery of Flowers, Gifts and a Party in a Box
* Handling personal needs when traveling and/or working long hours
* Addressing and mailing
invitations and holiday cards
* Helping you plan that elaborate surprise dinner to pop the question.

Examples of Domestic Services:

* Gather Estimates for Household Repairs
* Coordinating Household Repairs, Deliveries, and Contractors at the home
* Waiting for Service Companies (Electrician, Plumber, Builder)
* Arrange the Delivery of Meals & Planning Dinner Parties
* Suggest ideas for family activities
* Provide
Home and Pet-Sitting Services
* Schedule Transportation Services
* Meeting Guests at Airport
* Referring reliable Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers & Trade
Policy & Rates
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Chef Services
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Travel Arrangements

Home Repairs
Electrical Repairs
Interior Decorating
Landscape, Lawn
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Running Errands
Car Services
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Gift Buying
Grocery Shopping
Picking up Dry
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Mail (Courier Service)

Home Watch
Pet Sitting
Care of Indoor
PlantsHouse Sitting
Safety, Pest and
Maintenance Checks

Locating Hard to Find
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