A Great Beach Wedding You Won’t Forget

There are so many Naples beach weddings that are being celebrated by those who love to marry at the beach. However, creating a great beach wedding may require great ideas and great execution as well even as you wear your beach wedding jewelry.

beach wedding

Even if a couple decides to have a church wedding, but then will be preceded by a beach reception, they can still create a lovely beach wedding. Here are just some colorful wedding ideas that you can use especially if you are going to have a beach wedding. Create a memorable wedding by having a secret marriage.

Tell friends in advance that you are getting married and probably just tell the month and the week of your union, but do not tell the date. Then, at the eve of the wedding, SMS your friends instead of sending a wedding invitation, tell them about the day of the wedding, the time and the place. To make an even impressive wedding, do not understand the location of the reception. After the ceremony, give them their next clue of the reception and let them drive to the beach.

Of course if you are going to do such a thrilling wedding, be sure that you can deliver a spectacular event. You have to choose an excellent beach location that will cater to your guests’ fantasy. Include a great band and great food. Do not forget your wedding favor. A great wedding favor that you can also add to your unique wedding is to give them flip flops. They can use this at the wedding reception itself so that they can be more comfortable at the beach.

Another idea for a great Sanibel Island wedding is to ask a videographer to create a short video of you and the groom as you are preparing yourselves for the ceremony. This will include you and your family and your farewells to each other. To make it more romantic, you can add a scene where you and the groom are writing your wedding vows to each other, then followed by reading each other’s vows. A heartwarming scene for everyone to witness as the two of you getting married at the beach.

The Best Wedding Dresses in 2015

Every woman has a dream of walking down the isle with the most handsome man in the world some day. Most of such dreams never come true for some but actually come true for some women. Whatever your case is, its most thrilling when you finally have the man of your dreams on his knees asking you to marry him, every woman loves this special part in the relationship when finally the guy proposes and sooner or later the wedding day is set.

What comes to the mind of every woman; trust me, is not how much the food and drinks will cost, its actually what gown she will wear during her big day. In fact, looking for the perfect gown has proven to be among the most stressful issues in any wedding arrangement. Either the woman in question is too choosy, or people close to her are too judgmental which makes it even harder to get the right one quickly.

The question is, what should you consider first before venturing out to buy that wedding dress? Below are some of the things you should ask yourself before you buy a gown.
Every woman who wishes to buy a gown should put this in her mind. Try to work within your budget limits. This will also help you know where you will go shopping. It is never a good idea to walk in a very expensive shop where a single gown is worth a million dollars and your budget is either below 15000 dollars. Just stick to your budget and try to shop within your limits.

This is where most young women make mistakes. I know you will be all excited about your wedding, that’s OK but starting to shop around for a wedding gown which is to be worn 12 months from now is a big no.Try to shop at least three to four months or up-to six months earlier [if you are a choosy person] before your wedding day. This is because price and designs change over time. This is enough time you need to get your dress and all you need before your big day.

Looking for a gown that is not your size now in hoping to lose a few pounds before you big day is not a good idea at all. Just choose a gown that fits your body size and shape now to avoid embarrassments during your wedding. What if you never lose any weight? Looking for a plan B in the last minute can be very traumatizing.

In conclusion, getting a wedding dress that you want can be very daunting and really requires a lot of patience and time. If you are not sure I often recommend that you shop with one or two people you trust for their honest opinion about how you look. Most of all, having a positive attitude will go a long way to not only having a beautiful dress but also a fabulous wedding.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner is a professional, who helps couples with planning, organizing, and managing their wedding ceremony. Most wedding planners are people who might have worked in the hospitality industry or as an event manager or organizer. There are no specific qualifications it just requires experience and a good communicator. This is because you are going to plan the whole event from start to finish and communicate with the couples if there are some setbacks.

For you to plan a wedding and make it successful, you must be able to have a plan B in case something goes wrong with the first plan. The following are some of the works of wedding planners:

– Update couples on every progress of wedding plans
– Will have to arrange meetings with couples to talk about the requirements and cost
– Arranging for the purchase of flowers and advise couples on the right cord of conduct
– Be at the wedding venue to ensure things are going as planned
– Have your website where you can update all the recent events you have planned
– Organize for caterers, photographers, and venues for every activity

With all these activities, you need to be a good problem solver whom people can rely on and someone who is dedicated and flexible because on the wedding day you will have to work the whole day. When it comes to salary, some people always take the percentage of the total wedding cost while some people have a fixed rate and others will charge depending on the hours spent planning the wedding.

It is important to know that this job requires someone who is a team player because you will need people to assist you organize the event. You should also have the ability to multitask and pay attention to every detail to ensure that nothing is left undone.

If you are planning to have a wedding, you should therefore hire someone who is experienced, reliable and can deliver.

Wedding Themes to Consider This Year

wedding themesGone are they days when marriage was all about the vow when two individuals directly care for their lives and get on with a new start. Civil weddings have become a social event now. Nowadays it is very much necessary to come up with a social event so that there is an event that all remember. To make the wedding a successful social event it is very much essential to come up with suitable wedding theme ideas. There are so many wedding themes to select from that the couple can have a hard time to choose the proper one that will be suiting the best for the event.

Such an idea has a lot to do with many other factors that are related to the wedding. One needs to consider the guests who will attend the wedding because coming up with a unique theme is a good idea, but it should be followed by most of the people who will attend as that will make the event a success. It will be a real pity if half of the attendance is not following the theme. The issue includes the dress code, and so the attendance is also an important factor coming into play. Civil weddings have become an important part of the social lives as many people will attend it and so it has to be perfect. It can happen so that when a large number of people are called many may turn up in something different and look misfits who can be what one was not looking forward to,nowadays weddings are not just about the lifetime vows taken for togetherness. It has become more about celebrating life and the means one undertakes for celebrating the union of two individuals. Many individuals plan out their weddings on different themes to make it a social event enjoyed by all.

Themes have to be colorful as it can add more spark to the venue, which brings in one more important factor, the venue. The wedding theme should be such that it should be able to accommodate whatever is the theme planned. Some of the most commonly used wedding theme are the seasons that have their color and essence. Finally, the whole wedding theme ideas are an extension of the personality of the couple getting wedded, and so it should be in accordance.